Monday, April 13, 2009


I did my Walgreens bargain shopping today too. They have lots of sun stuff this week:)

I did 3 separate transaction to get the best prices I could think of quickly. Most stores do not have a problem doing this if you just ask ahead of time and there is not a long line behind you.

I spend $18.31 total and have $4 in Register Rewards for my next visit.
I saved $45.22. Talk about fun!! That's 71% SAVINGS!!

Trans #1

4 bags of Hersheys Bliss (50% off Candy) $8.00, Get $5 Rebate from Easy Saver Rebates#25
1 chapstick 100% naturals - $1.99, Got $2RR
1 Scrunchi elastics 18 ct. - $2.00, Got $2RR
1 Fiber Choice, 10 ct - $2.49, Got $2.50RR
1 Mentos Gum

Total $14.97

Trans #2

4 Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion , on sale $2.84
used 2-$1 coupons
used 1-$1.25 coupons

+2 Degree Deoderants , clearanced at $1.29
used 2-.75 coupons
Used $2.50 RR from Trans #1
Got $6 in Register Rewards for buying the lotion and deoderant for next transaction.

Total $6.69

Just a note: I was not able to use the other $2 RR coupons I got above because the # of coupons and RR coupons you have cannot exceed the # of items you buy in a transaction. That is why I still have 2-$2RR for my next visit (next week for sure)

Trans #3

2 Hefty Zip lock Freezer bags BOGO- $3.29
4 Walgreens Brand Aluminum Foil - .59/each with in-store ad coupon
2 Walgreens Big Roll Toilet Paper - 2/$1

Used $6 RR coupon from trans #2.

Total $1.65

So all said, my total out of pocket today will be $18.31 after the $5 Rebate that will be here in a couple of weeks. And I have enough aluminum foil and lotion to last me the rest of the year!:)
You are able to submit your receipt at Walgreens website pretty much right away and then request your money at the end of the month. You are only able to submit for rebates once a month, so your want to save and return later to request any rebates.

I'l love to hear from you about your Walgreens shopping trip.

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