Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rite-Aid 101

Rite Aid FAQ and General Information

1. What is a SCR? SCR stands for Single Check Rebate, Rite Aid’s monthly rewards/rebate program. Register online and you can immediately start participating. Each month Rite Aid publishes a booklet that highlights the monthly deals—this information is also available on their website:

2. When do I submit my rebate? AFter each shopping trip, enter your register information on the website, or keep an envelope for mail submissions. At the end of the month, request your rebate by clicking the “request rebate” button. It is VERY IMPORTANT to NOT request the rebate if you are planning to make any more rebate purchases that month because you are only allowed one submission per month.

3. I want to get two of the same item—will I get two rebates back? Most of the SCR rebates are limited to one item per household but always double check the limitations for each item.

4. I submitted my receipt but I don’t see my rebates? It typically takes 48 hours for a rebate to show up in your “Detailed Status” after you have submitted it, although sometimes it may be a little faster. If you have waited 48 hours and your status for that receipt still says “The following receipts are waiting for data from the store,” then something could be wrong (e.g. you bought the wrong item, or you bought it during the wrong dates). Double-check your purchase and then call the hot line for assistance: 1-888-213-9920 (8 AM - 7PM EST).

5. An item is listed as FREE after SCR—can I use a coupon? If you have a coupon for an item that is free after rebate (FAR) then you can most definitely use it. You will get the full purchase price back, even if you used a coupon, thereby making it a moneymaker.

6. Does Rite Aid take Internet printable coupons? Yes

7. Does Rite Aid have store coupons? Yes, Rite Aid does have its own coupons and releases them either in the weekly flyer or in a separate pamphlet/booklet. Just remember that some of them say “manufacturer’s coupon” on them and these cannot be stacked with other manufacturers coupons. However sometimes in the weekly ads you will see ads that are just Rite Aid store coupons and can be combined with a manufacturer coupon.

8. There is an offer that says "Get a gift card with a $20 purchase." Is this before or after coupons? Before coupon amounts are used to determine if you have met the required threshold to earn that gift card. In special circumstances, you can even use items that generate individual rebates toward that threshold AND the before rebate/before coupon price is used toward the total. For example, if there were a combined rebate for $25 back on $50 in Proctor & Gamble purchases and an individual offer for free Crest after $2.99 SCR, these MAY overlap so that you spend $1.99 on Crest after a MFC, get $2.99 back on the individual rebate, and a $2.99 credit toward the larger deal.

9. If a rebate requires buying multiple items do you have to buy them all in one purchase (e.g. I need 3 mouthwashes and can only find 1 or 2 at each store)? No, you may purchase these in separate transactions and enter each receipt separately. The website will combine them and let you know when you've purchased enough to earn the rebate.

10. Can I buy my items at anytime in the month? Pay attention to the rebate dates--some are only good on certain week and not the entire month. Also, the month doesn't begin and end neatly on the 1st and 30th/31st. Often a new SCR cycle straddles a couple of months.

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