Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I did pretty good this week on my grocery trip. I did stay under my goal of spending less than $100 a week. I spent $84.61 with $22.38 being in meat that was on sale. (again A LOT better than the $200-225 per week I used to spend) I have soooo much food stockpiled now that I might have to start a new challenge soon of seeing just how long all this food would last. Some of you have asked if I am compromising on meals and buying less healthy items and the answer is no. Anyone who knows my husband knows that that is a huge no-no. (He is in the process of getting his Masters in Nutrition so this only gets more and more important) Help us all:)
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So here's my list of what I got for only
$84.61 Out of Pocket
$56.69 Saved (40%)
54 items
2 gallons of milk
2 6pks of yogurt
1 24 pk of American cheese
1 24 pk of cheese sticks
5 pks of chicken (to free in meal size protions)
1 lb of hambuger
1 pkg of chicken italian sausage
2 pkgs of turkey keilbasa
1 pk ready bacon
2 bunches of bananas
2 lbs of asparagus
2 lbs of red grapes
3 lbs of broccoli
2 lbs baby carrots
1.5 lbs of zuccini
1.5 lbs of squash
1 clove garlic
1 carton of frozen yogurt (free with coupong)
1 pkg frozen lima beans
1 pkg frozen endamame
1 box of frozen perogies
1 lrg carton of oatmeal
2 boxes of cereal
1 can baked beans
2 pks of taco seasoning
1 bag corn chips
2 boxes of Cheese Nips
1 bottle Frank Red Hot (free with coupon)
1 pk hambuger buns
1 loaf of bread
2 bags of quaker Rice cakes
1 bottle of Ken's Marinade
1 bottle of Olive oil
2 boxes of pasta
3 boxes of Hefty freezer and storage bags
1 box of Alumimum foil (free with rebate)
1 24 pk bottle water
1 pk of Big Red gum (free with coupon)
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