Sunday, May 10, 2009


Oh, I had so mcuh fun at Walgreens tonight. I had not gone to get my newspaper (for coupons of course) so I decided to run down there after dinner tonight. I am lucky enough to have all three drug stores at one corner about 3 miles from my house. I'm hitting Rite-Aid tomorrow. There is lots of good stuff there this week too:) I love when there is that really surprise bargain that just makes it all worth while. My husband needed more Co Q 10 (which is very expensive stuff) and Walgreens has BOGO this week on Finest Vitamins. When I got to the vitamin aisle, there in front of me was Co Q 10 on clearance! Yeah! Was 11.95 a bottle for 30 tablets and it was on clearance for $3.19 and BOGO!! I always check the clearance sections when I am there and see if I have a coupon for it too. That is how you can really find some great priced stuff.
So what did I get for only $17.52 ------and saved $72.16:
6 bottles of CO Q 10 - $9.57
1 newspaper -$1
2 bottles of Palmolive - .49 each
3 boxes of Special K ceral - $1.67 each
1 Colgate Max Toothpaste - FREE
3 Reach toothbrushes - FREE
I hope you all get some fun stuff too.
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