Monday, May 25, 2009


New High value Coupons are available: has yet even more new coupons!

If you're a coffee or a tea drinker, then you'll definitely be excited about some of these:

Save $1.50 on Tazo TeaSave $1.50 on Seattle's best coffee

Save $2 on any 2 packages of Maxwell House Coffee
They've just made the value way higher on this coupon, so make sure to print it now! It originally was only save $1 on 2!

Save $1.50 on any Starbucks coffee (10 or 12 oz.)
The value on this has gone up too! It was originally only $1 off one.

Save $2 on any 2 packages of General Foods International Coffee
This is another new one and different from the previous coupon available!

Save .75 on any packages of Solo Cups, Plates or bowls

**Oh and if you can believe it almost all the Kraft coupons have reset for me again! Yippee!

There is also a HOT new Banana Boat coupon available:

Save $2 on your next Banana Boat Sun care purchase! Just fill in your info to print the coupon.

This coupon can be doubled during Kmart Super doubles, so you could potentially get $4 off a Banana Boat product! Also, Walmart has the Banana Boat Baby/Kids Stick SPF 50, priced at $3.97. Use the $2 coupon to get it for only $1.97!

Other New Coupons:

Save $1 on any one 12 pack of Snapple Tea
This is a SmartSource coupon.

Save $1 on any box of The Skinny Cow truffle BarsYUM!

Save $1 on Any Bear Naked ProductIE or Firefox

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