Monday, June 1, 2009


As some of you may know, I had set a goal to spend less than $100 per week on groceries for my family of 4, which includes a very hungry teenage son. I just added up my May receipts and am so excited.....I only spent $403!! Yippee!!! This is huge to me because I used to spend twice that. I now save us (or I really like to think of it as...."made us") $400 a month. My next goal is to lower it to $75/week (or even less eventually). I have seen others do it and now I'm on a mission. It's important to know, too, that I do not sacrifice quality. I like to cook well balanced meals for my family and that is another goal when shopping.

To start with, I use The Grocery Game at . If you're not familiar with it, it matches up sales and coupons at the store that is participating in your area. This lets me buy things at 60-70% off regular price, i.e I get 3 boxes of cereal for the price of 1.

Then I go to another store just down the road to buy all my other groceries because they are just cheaper on everything. It's such a no flare, really crowded store but it is so much cheaper I just have to go. If you want to try The Grocery Game, they offer a 4 week trial for free to see if you like it. (Please use as your referral if you don't mind.) You do need to start stocking up on coupons, which only takes a few weeks.

Take advantage of using all the online printables at and others listed in my sidebar. I can't say it enough..I love coupons and saving all this money! It is so worth it, it's so fun and, believe me, it is not time consuming. If it was, then I would have a hard time doing it.

Do you have any tips for saving on groceries? I would love to hear.

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  1. Hi. I wanted to add my savings site. I believe it complements yours ;)

    Check it out

  2. If you have a Publix near you, they will allow you to "stack" their store coupons with a manufacturer's coupon to maximize your savings.

    Procter and Gamble has online coupons that can be downloaded directly to your Kroger Plus card and then deducted automatically at the register. You can even use one paper coupon with one downloaded coupon to maximize your savings.

  3. The Grocery Game looks like a great idea... I only wish it wasn't so expensive. It would cost me $35 every 2 months to put the stores I shop at on the list. That would blow my grocery budget of $50 a week. It would certainly make searching for the bargains quicker... but the price is a lil too steep for me right now. Maybe I'll try the $1 trial next payday. I just hope I don't like it too much! LOL

    ~A Lil Enchanted~

  4. That rocks. My goal is $100 a week for a family of four too. I hate when I go over.

  5. I go for coupons. I receive papers in the mail with coupons in them. That is how I save some bucks on groceries.


  6. Wow, that is quite amazing. I have been spending a little over my budget every month for a long time now and have to start saving as well.
    I have just started to write all my expenses down over the last 10 days. I hope to see soon where I can cut my costs. I do not like to save on groceries.... I love food....