Monday, September 21, 2009

Encouragement to keep up the couponing--$59.97 of stuff for FREE + $1.10 Moneymaker at RiteAid

Every now and then I like to post my bargain purchases to keep you encouraged that the bargains are abundant. I also have more encouragement from my friend Katie that took major advantage of Harris Teeter's triple coupons last week. She called me from her car so excited.

So here is what I got at Rite Aid last week: I got 13 items for FREE and actually made $1.10!!! $59.97 worth of stuff and I made $1.10 by using coupons and matching them with sale items and rebates. It just makes me giggle with excitement:)

And my friend Katie's bargains at Harris Teeter were her best yet she said. She got 24 items for $13.40 and saved $59.53!!! Yea Katie
Subtotal $72.93
Less $10.67 (VIC Savings)
Less $48.86 (Coupons)
Total Paid $13.40! Isn't that awesome!

I would love to hear from any of you about any of the bargains you snag!

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