Saturday, September 19, 2009

McDonalds: $1 Halloween Coupon Booklets

McDonald’s Halloween coupon booklets are available already! These coupon booklets cost just $1 and have great freebie coupons. Please note that the coupons are not valid to use until October 31st, but I would recommend purchasing them now before they sell out!

Coupons included:
4 FREE Apple Dippers coupons
4 FREE Small Cone Coupons
4 FREE Apple Juice or Milk Jug coupons


  1. I am hearing these are hard to find. Have you had any success? Is there anywhere to get them on line?

  2. Rebecca, I was told at my McDonalds on Saturday that they will be getting them in this week. I would call or go by your local McDonalds and ask if they are participating in this promotion. My fingers are crossed. I haven't found them available online anywhere.