Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Toy R Us: Fisher Price Trio Sets Buy One, Get Two Free

Toys R Us has the Fisher Price Trio Building sets on sale this week: buy two get one free.
Use the $5 off printable coupon to get two free when you buy one.

Bargain Scenario:
$14.99 wyb 1 TRIO Watch Tower building set
$14.99 wyb 1 TRIO Police Station building set
$14.99 wyb 1 TRIO Siege Tower building set
Total $44.97
Use three $5/1 TRIO printable coupons
minus $14.99 store offer discount for buying two and getting one free
Total out of pocket: $14.98 for three TRIO building sets.

Thanks, Commonsensewithmoney


  1. How can you use a $5.00 coupon on an item you are getting free? Have you tried this out yet?

  2. At most stores you can use a coupon for each item scanned, even when it's a free item. There are times when some cashiers challenge it but I personally have never had that happen. It is a common practice, especially at Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart. I am going to ToyRus today and pick there up for my nephew so I'll let you know how it goes for me:)

  3. I really need to take advantage of deals like these...I have no idea how we are going to buy Christmas gifts this year...

  4. How cool of a deal. This will be perfect for my 3 nephews and I wount of had to spend a fortune! I must get the cashiers that always want to challange every coupon I have. I have had some get upset that I even have coupons lol. I didn't even realize that Toys R Us took coupons! THANKS!!