Monday, November 9, 2009

140 Free Holiday Gift Tags

Here is another cute, great freebie on customized gift tags offered at Vistaprint.

This holiday season, dress up your gifts and save time with these handy, self-sticking labels.

You could customize with just your family name.....From: The Walker's and use those on gifts for relatives, teachers or friends. You can even choose ones to add a personal photo too.

Or I think I am going to order a set that says "From: Santa Claus" How cute will that be?!

To order yours: Go here , then click on Holiday and then "labels". Create your Free labels. Shipping is not included but only runs about $3.00.


  1. I got the labels today, plus a poster calendar, 20 page 4 x 6 photo flip book, a photo notebook and 10 magnet photo calendars FREE today with paying only $9.37 for shipping.


  2. Oooo...I do need to start thinking about my Christmas cards. Thanks!

  3. Great ideas. I just discovered your blog but hope you will come by for a visit and follow me as well--I guess I should say I am now a follower.


  4. Score! AGAIN!! I ordered a set of family gift tags AND an order of adress labels that read "from the library of.." as a gift to my 11 year old son to go along with the book series a I discovered at a thrift store this weekend for him! Alone each set was 3.00 to be shipped-together? $4.13.

    Thank you sooo much!!

  5. This is perfect for this time of year how cute!