Thursday, November 19, 2009

LEGO & Wii: Great Amazon Sales

If you are looking for Legos for your little ones for Christmas, Amazon has these AWESOME bargains right now. Please remember that Amazon's prices can change frequently so these are the prices listed at the time of my post.

LEGO Island 2-$7.25
Reg price $19.99

LEGO Space Police Squidman's Escape (5969) -$5.97
Reg. price $9.99

LEGO Racers Ice Rally
- $11.88
Reg price $22.99$11.88

Reg price $9.99

These should all qualify for the "Spend $25 or more in the Toys Store in a single purchase and you can get a 1-year subscription to one of the following magazines: Parenting Early Years or Parenting School Years (a $9.97 value) included with your purchase" promotion. Or you can choose a $9.97 refund instead of the subscription. Details here.

And don't forget about the awesome bargain on the Wii!!!

Now through Sunday, 11/22 at, you can get the Wii Console, Wii Fit Plus and a $50 Amazon Gift Card for just $289.98. It's like getting a the $50 Gift Card free!!!! And there is free shipping too.

Since you will probably need more games for your new system, you can then turn around and use the $50 Gift Card to purchase $80 in Wii Games and get $20 off at checkout with code BUY80G20. See full details on this offer here.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning the deal on Legos! We can never have too many legos (although I could totally do without stepping on random legos on the floor in the middle of the night)