Thursday, November 12, 2009 40 or more Custom Photo Stamps for $0.40 each

Your Photos on Real Postage

Is this not the cutest idea?!

You can create your own stamps for your Holiday cards or give these as a fun gift!

Follow the instructions below and you can get photo stamps for only $.26 each!

•Sign up for Shop At Home. Or, click here to go straight to, but you'll miss out on the $8)
•Search "", you will find $8 cash back!

•Click on the link and go to Upload a photo and create your stamps. You can zoom in/out, rotate it, add a border, choose a color, and more.

•Choose to get at least two sheets of 20 making each sheet $16.99 each. (You can order as many sheets as you'd like but you have to order at least two sheets in order to get the $16.99 deal.)

•Type in promo code thirtyoff in the promo code box to get 30% off your order.

•Type in a second promo code cutekid12 to get free shipping in addition to 30% off (you can stack these two promo codes).

•Checkout and pay $23.79 for two sheets of stamps ($11.89 per sheet ordered).

•Plus you will get $8 Cashback from ShopatHome + $5 bonus for signing up.

•Total for everything only $10.79 (after sign up bonus) = only $0.26 a Stamp.

Thank, Moneysavingmom

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