Saturday, November 7, 2009

Toys R Us: Hasbro Games $0.99 (after rebates and gift cards)

Toys R US has a wonderful sale starting tomorrow, Sunday, November 8th and running through Saturday, November 14th. They are offering several ways to receive FREE Toys R Us gift cards with purchases.

One gift card with purchase that is available is on Hasbro games. Buy $25 in any of the Hasbro game below and get a FREE $10 Toys R Us gift card . You will need the gift card coupon that is available on the front page of the ad.

$3.99 Games:
Ants in Pants
Candy Land
Chutes and Ladders
Don't Break The Ice

$7.99 Games:
Boggle Jr
Monopoly Jr or Deal
Scrabble Jr

$9.99 Games
Connect 4
Mouse Trap

AND.....What makes this even better is that there are $2 and $3 mail in rebates to go along with the games. Go here for more on these rebate offers.
Buy Candy Land $3.99
Buy Chutes and ladders $3.99
Buy Ants in Pants $3.99
Buy Don't Break The Ice $3.99
Buy Connect 4 or Scrabble $9.99

Then, get back a $10 Toys R Us gift card and submit for four $2 rebates and one $3 rebate. Final cost for all 5 games ONLY $4.95--just $0.99 per game!

Other Gift Card Bargains:
  • FREE $25 Gift Card with the purchase of two select video games for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3
  • FREE $10 Gift Card with any purchase of $75 or more
  • FREE $10 Toys R Us Gift Card AND FREE $15 Skin-It Gift Card with the purchase of any Apple iPod touch
  • FREE $5 Gift Card with the purchase of select DVDs

Thanks, Common Sense With Money!


  1. That board game/gift card deal is a good one!

  2. There is also a $10 off Hasbro games coupon on boxes of corn pops (and other?) cereals... if the game is worth less that $10 it is free! Perhaps you could somehow combine it with the other deals to make it an even better deal? Corn pops are on sale this week at Price Chopper by the way. :)