Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!!!

I want to wish each and every one of you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my family to yours. Your support and loyalty means so,so much to me. You have all been so wonderful and I'm thankful for each and every one of my reader friends.

I'm looking forward to another great year of bargain finds in 2010. I am getting everything set-up to switch my platform from Blogger to Wordpress in January. You'll be seeing new design changes, as well. So don't be surprised each time you stop by to see a little something different as this all takes place. I am very excited and also praying that everything goes very smooth:)

Happy Holidays & Blessings to you and your families!


  1. Nice card and Christmas wish. Hope you guys all have a merry Christmas, too. God's blessings upon you all.

  2. Merry Christmas Sherri! Good luck with all your plans for 2010. I wish you the best of everything :D

  3. Merry Christmas Sherri! I wish you the best of luck with all of your plans in 2010. Thank you for being a loyal reader of my blog and commenting often. It really has meant a lot to me. You are so sweet.



  4. Happy Holidays to you and your family. I wish you good luck with Wordpress. Also Wealth,Health and Happiness in 2010.

  5. Merry Christmas! May you have a Blessed New Year also! Your family is Adorable! You must be very proud of them. (including your puppy dog)!

    Love and Prayers!